Eduardo Salvador Acevedo


My profile is varied having worked in various sectors including the private sector, international public organizations like the UN but also in NGOs like Oxfam, based in countries like Indonesia, Russian Federation or Angola. Now, having established myself in Barcelona and spent some years expanding my background and I give counseling as Gestalt therapist but also take consultant work in peace research/monitoring. My current activities entail counseling of NGO activists and vulnerable communities but also training on peace and non violent emotional education to youths in schools of Catalonia using creative methodologies, emotional intelligence and theater.

I am now doing qualitative research on Boal’s Rainbow of Desire. (RoD) under the paradigm of Gestalt Therapy. Some years ago. I undertook research with Emotional Intelligence/Education with this tool and did various workshops of RoD in institutes like the University of Barcelona, but also at the University of Aguascalientes (Mexico) and in Senegal at Kaddu Yaraax Theater Academy located in Dakar. As research member of the Peace Studies Center J M Del├ás we write articles in press journals but also academic journals. My main areas have been: (social) theater, emotions, peace, video games and neuroscience. Currently we are preparing our first book. Finally, as an associate member of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy I collaborate with the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee.

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