Gail Feinstein – Topic: Developing a Relational Sensibility Through Embodied Practice

December 5, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Gail Feinstein - Topic: Developing a Relational Sensibility Through Embodied Practice @ TBA

The simplicity and beauty of gestalt therapy continues to inspire me. I love how it engages us in the creative process of shifting from inhibiting to inhabiting our bodies, and then, to a cohabitating which leads us into a collaborating. It is here that we bring a refreshed and refined emphasis on field theory and a deepening of our understanding of the intricate interweaving of all things.

We begin by stepping into the simplicity of slowing down, and perhaps, even pausing. We rest here in the bodily experience of the present moment, opening to our sensual wisdom. A plethora of sensations may lead us to a land of discovery as we awaken new ways of being.

We learn to stay faithful to the practice of attuning and attending to our moment-to-moment experiencing, and trusting what is so. We experiment with simple activities such as breathing, walking, sitting, etc. The eloquence of simplicity offers the potential to ignite our interest, and requests our presence in the lingering with the experience long enough to inhabit it more fully. Slowly, step by breath, simply and boldly, we grow more deeply into ourselves.

A co-emergent, collaborative spirit invites us to shift into an embodied, relational mindfulness. The simple activity becomes a relational practice. We bring an intentional awareness to developing a partnership with everything – allowing deep respect for the sacred presence of air we breathe, the earth we walk on, the chair we sit on and so on. We explore the sumptuous dance of giving and taking, of offering and receiving while deepening into its extraordinary complexity as well as its simplicity. Our openness to otherness blossoms into an alive meeting. In this mutually engaged process, we cultivate the potential for residing in the world and all our moments in a deeply intimate way. Here we are offered the creative possibility of waking up to a sense of mutual belonging and our common humanity.

We arrive at living our lives deeply rooted, from moment-to-moment and from day-to-day, as if our lives really mattered-as if we really matter. We show up intentionally, fulfilling the calling forth of a sensually alive and embodied presence.

The nature of this basic, simple work – utterly familiar yet strangely new at the same time – continues to transform into advanced and profound depths of possibility.

Gail Feinstein, LCSW is proud to be a member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy for over 37 years. She is honored and privileged to have been mentored by Laura Perls and Richard Kitzler. She trains internationally and currently practices in New York City and the Catskill Mountains where she supervises, leads groups and retreats. Gail is immediate past president of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy – An International Community. She is committed to grounding her work in a co-creative, collaborative process, coming fresh to each moment and weaving the values of deep relatedness into the world.