Gloria And Fritz: After 54 Years What Can They Teach Us?

January 26, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The North Star Fund
520 8th Avenue (between W 36th and W 37th Street)

Speaker: James Battaglia

The movie, Three Approaches to Psychotherapy (TAP), widely known as The Gloria Films, was shot in 1964 and released in 1965. In each of the three sections of the movie, Gloria Szymanski, age 30, encounters one of the three eminent   psychotherapy theorists of the day: Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls. TAP was conceived as an educational tool and for over five decades has been the first (and sometimes only) introduction to gestalt therapy (GT) for generations of college students. 

During his encounter with Szymanski, Perls demonstrates an approach that is very different from the gestalt therapy practiced today. Over the years, Perls’s interaction with Szymanski has been met with mixed reviews.

During this presentation, attendees will view the Perls and Szymanski encounter in Three Approaches to Psychotherapy and have the opportunity to  participate in a discussion and share their responses. Questions which may be considered during the discussion include:  Did Perls’s work in the film accurately reflect GT as it was practiced in the mid-1960s?  Are GT’s strengths amply demonstrated?  Are there aspects of Perls’s interaction with Szymanski that he might have handled differently?  What perceptions of GT might the film support? How has GT evolved since the film was made?  What does the future hold for The Gloria Films

The presentation will include an experiential exercise.