Looming Figures On Shaky Ground: This Era’s Authoritarianism In Our Lives And Practice

October 28, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The North Star Fund
520 8thAvenue
Suite 1800
Susan Gregory and Adam Weitz

Speakers: Susan Gregory And Adam Weitz

Gestalt therapy emerged in a socio-political field which, in many ways, reflects the one we are living in now.

Our society is hitting mark after mark on its apparent path toward authoritarianism. History has shown us that democracy is not a given for any society. We need only to study the past to see that this is true. We need to name present trends rather than shy away from them.

A decades long series of changes has culminated in figures forming of charismatic madmen, including Donald Trump, who, with associates, denigrate science, and try to reshape governments to undermine justice systems, educational institutions, immigration systems, journalism and media, and facts. As an institute, we need to pay attention to these developing phenomena.

Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism are shamelessly being expressed. For those of us who seek to diminish those things, it is very scary these days.

Our wishes for this afternoon are

-to make space for institute members and friends to be together with what is in these  difficult times;               

-to support one another in being with what is and not becoming frozen;

-to look at the ways Gestalt therapy, given its history, may be either unsuited or particularly suited to meet the challenges of the present moment;

-to examine the ways we as a society, and as individuals within it, are primed and vulnerable to becoming subjects rather than remaining citizens.

How do we strengthen ourselves?

Please come and participate in the conversation, October 28th 2-5pm.

@ The North Star Fund
520 8th Avenue, Suite 1800