Phenomenology In The Art Experience From A Gestalt Therapy Perspective

February 9, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
40 West 13th Street New York

Speaker: Rebekah Windmiller

This presentation will explore a phenomenological approach to the process of creative experience and the creations that are formed out of this process. A primary concept is a movement away from interpretation of the creative image and a step toward bringing images to life as a rich presence through which a multiplicity of meanings can be brought forth. Further concepts include: phenomenology and what that means in a creative process; making contact with sensory experience; using what I call a “low skill/high sensitivity” attitude as it pertains to aesthetics; imagination as ground for image/figure formation; and play as a field experience supporting surprise and new growth. The discussion will be followed by an intermodal arts experience which may include movement, visual art and poetry allowing participants to embody these concepts. The presentation closes with time for the group to reflect, share experiences and discuss clinical applications.