Space and the Embodied Field – Presenter: Perry Gunther

April 11, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Zoom (date to be confirmed)
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Perry Gunther
Space and the Embodied Field - Presenter: Perry Gunther @ Zoom  (date to be confirmed)

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Presenter: Perry Gunther

A simple definition of space is about the distance between two objects. Space itself does not exist. It is simply the distance between things. But when space is embodied, it is more than an emptiness. It could be a dream space, a psychic space, a mind space, or the felt space between therapist and patient. Those are just a few ways to describe what space feels like.

In therapy, we understand that communication between therapist and patient is informed by embodied space. When there is a contact experience between the two, space opens up. It is a felt sense as if suddenly we have more room around ourselves. Embodied space is also how we experience paintings. Since paintings are flat, space is a virtual space that has provided endless “visual metaphors” to express it.

This presentation includes a slide demonstration as well as didactic experiments with space.


This is Perry Gunther’s second presentation at NYIGT. His first one was entitled Meeting Art at the Contact Boundary.

Perry began his career as an artist studying with noted artists of the New York School, including Ad Reinhardt and Tony Smith. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree under the tutelage of William Rubin, then the head curator at MoMA. After he submitted a paper on the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on the De Stijl movement in Holland, Rubin suggested that he pursue a career as an art historian. Instead, Perry chose to continue as a practicing artist, as a denizen of the SoHo renaissance in Lower Manhattan, subsequently becoming a professor of sculpture at Cleveland State University, Hunter College, and Brooklyn College. His works have been exhibited at OK Harris Gallery and Max Hutchinson Gallery in New York City, and are in numerous collections, including the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Brooklyn Museum. In 1988, Perry installed a site-specific artwork inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. He pursued a career in Gestalt therapy when he came to understand that the greatest gift an artist can be given is a sense of self-esteem. Perry received his training at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy.