Eduardo Salvador – Topic: The Drama of Our Emotions: Boal’s Rainbow of Desire (RoD)

April 3, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Boal’s RoD is a social theater methodology designed to replay conflict situations that we have in our everyday lives in order to seek awareness and reconciliation. The process involves group work at different levels of involvement. RoD can be used for (clinical) supervision of cases as well.

The workshop starts with some warming up and a subsequent process of collective generation of personal situations of confusion or conflict. Later the conflict is performed. Participants can act out different roles including those of the emotions. This process becomes like an emotional X-ray of the conflict that helps reach awareness. In some cases, resonances or cathartic sensations can appear.

Emotions that prevent us from acting toward our true goals become the so called “cop in the head” according to Boal.

I was told by a Mayan horoscope reader that my aim in life is to do whatever I wanted. I took this seriously, but my jobs and activities did not always lead to meaningful paths.

First experiences
My studies and first work placements were exciting. They entailed travelling and doing different jobs in both the private sector and with NGOs. In a summer camp near the Catskills I learned skills to lead teams of youngsters. Later, I experienced Indonesia with its culture of respect and the importance of the “other” as a mirror. There, I also played Dostoyevky’s Idiot at the Russian Cultural Center, which led to a major pivotal change in my path.

Studies and trainings
Back in Spain I took drama training and began to attend humanistic therapy groups as I sensed that I needed a more stable ground and move towards a meaningful resonant stage. While my social involvement increased, drama allowed me to laugh at myself and remove some of the emotional weight I carried. I learned about Gestalt Therapy while I was studying an MA in Emotional Intelligence and it contributed to my search for my inner truths while shedding light on some of my shadows

Main activities
I am currently involved in counseling, peace work and emotional education training, including RoD’s workshop in Mexico and in Senegal. Since 2013, within the EAGT, I have coordinated a project to support peace activists. As a founding member of an NGO we use creative art as a means of personal and social positive transformation. The path of meditation has inspired my life too.