The New York Institute At 65: Experiences Of Our Community

December 16, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The North Star Fund
520 8th Avenue
Suite 1800
New York

Speaker: Perry Klepner

Inspired by the 65th Birthday celebration this presentation will explore member’s community experience. The ties that bind and build community include common/different interests, values, shared personal/institute experience, mutual support, generosity, care, concern and love. Areas to be explored may include: how these are part of our NYIGT teaching-learning community; our expectations, and needs for community; the forces/constraints of the field involved in shaping member’s voices and participation; the How and What of our contact; and how our being in community relates to the theory/practice of GT which at its core was created to integrate what is desensitized and alienated, and excitement and growth in living.
Can a new figure/ground of community present opportunities for discovering something new is possible, i.e., growth? 
This presentation will be conducted with didactic and experiential segments using small and large group interactions. It will utilize participants emerging experience to explore, experiment, hypothesize members’ and dynamic processes of the NYIGT community, who we have been, are, intend to be here/ now.