Karen HumphreyIntroduction by Jean-Marie Robine

In the early years of Gestalt Therapy in France, that is, the late 70’s and 80’s, it was only Fritz Perls’ so-called California style that was known, published and practiced. Some also knew of the work of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, mostly though the Polsters’ book.

During my own years as a Gestalt Therapy trainee, I never even heard about the Perls, Hefferline, and Goodman book. The name “Paul Goodman” was never mentioned.

I discovered both the person and his work existed thanks to my training with Isadore From of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. When I created the French journal Gestalt, I decided to devote a special issue on Paul Goodman.

Naturally, I travelled to New York City to interview some people who were directly connected with him. Together with many texts, translations, and peoples’ recollections of Goodman, I published interviews with Sally Goodman (his wife) Alexander Lowen (his therapist), and his colleagues and friends – Karen Humphrey, Elliot Shapiro, Richard Kitzler, Erving Polster, Miriam Polster, and Taylor Stohr.

This is a recording of my March 1991 interview with Karen Humphrey.