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In Memoriam

Eric Werthman

It is with profound sadness we write that Eric Werthman, a longtime member of the NYIGT, psychotherapist, political activist, filmmaker, friend, husband, father and grandfather, died on September 10th at his Maine home. Eric was drawn to Gestalt therapy from his involvement in the radical politics of the 1960’s and early 70’s. He studied with Laura Perls, Isadore From and Richard Kitzler. He was an active and central member of the institute for many years. As chair of the program committee, his leadership helped the institute explore and develop gestalt therapy. He brought his knowledge of literature, jazz, and film as well as his political activism to our community. Eric widened our sense of what it can be to be a Gestalt therapists. Eric, along with his wife, Polly, continued to be community activists in the Hudson Valley with a focus on sustainable energy and climate awareness. Eric was loved by all who knew him. Take some time and follow these links to video interviews of Eric talking about Gestalt Therapy and his work with Laura Perls. Eric will be missed. He cannot be forgotten.