Andrášik Tomáš


Tomáš Andrášik, a psychotherapist with training in integrative Gestalt therapy. He works as a private psychotherapist (Brno, Czech Republic) and runs therapeutical groups integrating Gestalt therapy with drama and improv. Tomáš is also a lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Brno, where he teaches applied drama and facilitates self-experiential courses for prospective teachers, integrating Gestalt theory as an approach to foster social and emotional development within teacher training programs.



Andrášik, T. (2020). Gestalt Theatre – Integration of Applied Drama into Gestalt Therapy. Psychoterapie. 14(2). English translation URL.

Andrášik, T., Gruntová Wurmová, N., and Krčmářová, B. (forth.). IMPROVing Spontaneity: Gestalt Therapy Perspective on Improvisational Theatre as a Therapeutical Intervention. Gestalt Review.


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