Kirk Patrick Sigue Castro


Kirk Patrick Castro is a Gestalt Therapy Practitioner for 10. He is also a facilitator, trainer, coach, psychometrician, and counselor. He is an interventionist for anxiety, depression, and addiction. His practice and methodology was influenced and supervised by Dr. Bud Feders. Moreover, he facilitates gestalt group therapy and has advocated this approach through his practice.

He is the founder of Gestalt Wellness Institute Southeast Asia, his advocacy and drives for the growth of Gestalt Therapy in the Philippines allowed to convene and co-organize the 1st and 3rd Gestalt Therapy Conference in the Philippines. Likewise, his drive for mental health awareness and human potential development led him to organize a yearly exposition on mental health, the iCare Mental Health Expo.


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(2016, February 1) Gestalt Therapy Conference 2016 Facilitated at Alicia Hall Golden Prince Hotel and Suites Cebu, Philippines

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(2018, January 27) Group Gestalt Therapy: An Interactive Model Presented At De La Salle University Manila, Philippines

(2018, February 3) Gestalt Therapy Essentials: A Pre-conference Seminar Presented at Sacred Heart Center, Cebu, Philippines

(2019, January 26) Will-being and Being Well: A Gestalt Dialogue Facilitated at National University of Manila Philippines