Van Egdom Richard


Richard studied family sociology, organizational development and phenomenology at Louvain University (KUL).

He has been trained in Gestalttherapy by Laura Perls and her friend Elisabeth von Godin. As a director of the Belgian Gestalt training centre ‘Studie-en Opleidingscentrum voor Gestalttherapie’ (advisor Laura Perls) Richard has been Laura’s agent in Belgium fom 1975 on, introducing Laura’s softer Gestalttherapy approach in Belgium.

Richard has also trained in Germany and has been a member of the Advisory Board of Gestalt Theory, An International Multidisciplinary Journal.

In 1980 he published on Awareness and Conscience in the Festschrift for Laura Perls.

Richard is an external lecturer on phenomenology for the postmaster body work at School for Continuing Studies (SCFP) of Lille 2 University (France).

He’s been trained in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy by Annik Absil and merges both Gestalt and Focusing approaches with the developmental model of Robert Kegan.

Richard has a private practice as a supervisor in the Pyrenees Mountains (France) where he lives. He offers since 20 years now a summer 4 weeks experiential training in Phenomenology.