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The Aesthetic of Otherness — “Meeting at the Boundary in a Desensitized World” @ Hotel Hilton in Giardini Naxos
Sep 22 @ 1:00 pm – Sep 25 @ 6:45 pm
The Aesthetic of Otherness — "Meeting at the Boundary in a Desensitized World" @ Hotel Hilton in Giardini Naxos | Taormina | Sicilia | Italy

A unique opportunity for two of the largest international associations for Gestalt therapy to meet and learn from each other. We will co-create a fertile ground in order to explore our differences and similarities, our intentionalities for contact, our potentialities to develop theory and practice, and our wish to enjoy ourselves. The meaning of any intentionality is fully revealed only at the end of the process of co-creation: so, let’s start this process with the faith that the ground will support our next steps towards the co-creation of the aesthetic figure of contactful experience.

The conference theme focuses on some cornerstones and growing edges of Gestalt Therapy theory and practice. We will explore the aesthetic dimension of otherness in the contemporary world that seems characterized by a high degree of desensitisation.

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