Peter Philippson

Peter Phillipson


Peter Philippson, M.Sc

I run two therapy groups for qualified therapists and senior trainees with significant prior therapy experience (not necessarily Gestalt) that meet four times a year for two days. There is a maximum of 10 people in each group. The costs (my fees and travel/food/accommodation costs and room hire) are divided between participants, so would depend on the number of people. Currently it is in the region of £180 – 200 per group + accommodation/food on residentials. New people attend the first meeting without ongoing commitment, and if they decide to join then make a commitment to pay for each group until they leave. The leaving process is that a person announces their intention to leave at one group, and leaves after the next one.

The Residential group (was the London group) meets on a Thursday (from 11a.m.) and Friday (till 3p.m.) four times a year, at the Purley Chase Centre near Nuneaton. Some groups are Wednesday and Thursday if the Centre is booked up over the weekend.

The Edinburgh group meets on a Saturday and Sunday at various Edinburgh venues, sometimes with one residential usually in autumn.

Peter says “I practice a Gestalt approach that emphasises that we discover and form ourselves through our engagement in the world rather than through introspection. The group becomes a laboratory exploring that engagement and forming. If you want to know more, you may want to look at my writing: ‘Self in Relation’ pub. Gestalt Journal Press (2001), ‘The Emergent Self’ pub. Karnac/UKCP (2009) and ‘Gestalt Therapy: Roots and Branches’ pub. Karnac (2012).”

Topics in Gestalt Therapy: A series of articles in ebook format (available in Kindle and Kobo formats, + translations into many languages). Each is available for about $2.50. Full information on the Manchester Gestalt Centre website .

One-day workshop at Manchester Gestalt Centre on 14th September, on ‘A Gestalt Approach to Working with Couples.

I have limited availability for supervision over Zoom.