Teaching/learning occurs both informally and formally. This happens informally in the here and-now contact of the monthly meetings in which both presentations and organizational discussions become lively examples of theory and practice.

The offerings on this website provide a more structured experience. We believe that good teaching/learning emerges from a field of mutual interest. From the beginning of the Institute, qualified members have offered courses coming from their involvements and passions. Likewise, students have had to form their own “programs” out of their individual needs and concerns. Each student organizes his/her own “program” based on need, interest and excitement, often “apprenticing” with one member for some time.Rather than mere introjection, we believe this leads to growth and awareness in a way that most effectively embodies the values and spirit of Gestalt therapy. A fixed curriculum by its nature encourages unaware introjecting; a fluid teaching/learning process hopefully encourages more contactful understanding.

These offerings are those currently led by members of our institute. The Institute does not endorse any of them. Rather, they are instances of the teaching/learning process in action. If a prospective student/apprentice reviews the list but does not see anything immediately relevant to his/her educational interest, we encourage this person to contact our members anyway in order to express this interest. Often, this expression of interest creates a new teaching/learning forum, whether it be seminar, colloquium, practicum, or workshop. And in any event,such an expression of interest begins this person’s participation in our teaching/learning process.

Engage and contribute. We welcome everyone to join us in this process.



New information to come.


New information to come.