A worldwide membership organization addressing the needs of the gestalt therapy community

We Are The Original Gestalt Therapy Institute, Established By Fritz And Laura Perls In 1952.

As we were then, so are we now: a teaching/learning community where we explore ever-evolving Gestalt theory as experienced in and expressed through the practice of therapy, group work, and organizational development. Presentations mine the history of Gestalt theory and examine the larger intellectual context within which current theory is developing. Anyone with an interest in Gestalt ideas, applications, and practices is invited to join our community and membership organization.

Our offerings include monthly presentation meetings that are open, without charge, to anyone interested in attending and cover a range of contemporary topics. To see the full schedule, please click here.

In addition, there are several business meetings during the year. We also sponsor special events and encourage participation in relevant conferences. We hope you will join us for any of these that draws your interest.

The past few years have been especially difficult, given the ongoing pandemic. Yet we have forged ahead with special online events to support our members, and these have given us the opportunity for unprecedented international outreach.

As a result, our 2022-2023 season will have an expanded digital focus. We look forward to sharing it with you.

For more information, please contact us.

We welcome you,
Michael Vincent Miller
President, NYIGT

Susan Gregory
Vice President, NYIGT

Next Presentation

December 11, 2022

Peter Philippson

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Next Business Meeting

January 8, 2023

Business Meeting #2


In Memoriam

Eric Werthman

It is with profound sadness we write that Eric Werthman, a long-time member of the NYIGT, psychotherapist, political activist, filmmaker, friend, husband, father and grandfather, died on September 10th at his Maine home. Eric was drawn to Gestalt therapy from his involvement in the radical politics of the 1960’s and early 70’s. He studied with Laura Perls, Isadore From and Richard Kitzler. He was an active and central member of the institute for many years. As chair of the program committee, his leadership helped the institute explore and develop gestalt therapy. He brought his knowledge of literature, jazz, and film as well as his political activism to our community. Eric widened our sense of what it can be to be a Gestalt therapists. Eric along with his wife Polly, continued to be community activists in the Hudson Valley with a focus on sustainable energy and climate awareness. Eric was loved by all who knew him. Take some time and follow these links to video interviews of Eric talking about Gestalt Therapy and his work with Laura Perls. Eric will be missed. He cannot be forgotten.

Humans of Gestalt Video Remembering Laura Perls Video