Members, Officers and By-Laws

Current Officers

President, Michael Vincent Miller
Vice President, Susan Gregory
Treasurer, Chiara Sovegni
Secretary, Andrew Lapides

Past Officers

Past Presidents Past Vice Presidents Tenure
Frank Bosco Michael Vincent Miller 2019-2021
Adam Weitz Gayla Feinstein 2017-2019
Ken Meyer Elinor Greenberg 2015-2017
Lee Zevy Burt Lazarin 2013-2015
Susan Jurkowski Frank Bosco 2011-2013
Bud Feder Gail Feinstein 2009-2011
Susan Gregory Bud Feder 2007-2009
Burt Lazarin Susan Gregory 2005-2007
Dan Bloom Gail Feinstein/Susan Gregory 2003-2005
Dan Bloom Burt Lazarin 2001-2003
Lee Zevy Burt Lazarin 1999-2001
Gail Feinstein Dan Bloom 1997-1999
Joe Lay Gail Feinstein 1995-1997
Perry Klepner Ruth Wolfert 1993-1995
Carl Hodges Karen Humphrey 1991-1993
Laura Perls 1972-1991

Membership Categories

Membership in the NYIGT is open to anyone with an interest in Gestalt therapy. As a member of the NYIGT you will have a front row seat on the evolution of Gestalt therapy.

As an Associate or Student/Trainee Member you will be notified about all events and presentations in advance, be invited to join our online Google group and are welcome to join any committees that interest you. Our Google group online discussions allow our members to connect with each other and discuss Gestalt therapy related topics, post news of other events that might interest members and participate in ground-breaking, cutting-edge discussions about the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy.

Fellows: A fellow is a distinguished member who, by being senior, skilled, published, and demonstrably expert, is a repository of the institute's traditions, history, and values. A fellow is an exemplar within our community: a person who has been actively involved in pursuing our values as a teaching/learning community with an inclusive process of fluid hierarchies of knowledge, experience, and innovation; a person who has passed-on his or her expertise in Gestalt therapy to others. The word "hierarchy" is to be understood as a notion reflecting the developing culture and norms of the group.

Dues for a fellow member are $150 per year.

Full Members: Open to all persons grounded in Gestalt Therapy Theory and who have demonstrated their facility in the application of that theory through their participation in our teaching/learning community. Those interested in becoming full members present themselves as candidates at least 6 months prior to our June busines meeting. The decision making is through consensus. This process is described in the by-laws of the institute.

Dues for a full member are $150 per year.

Associate Members: Open to all persons interested in Gestalt Therapy Theory. Includes well-established Gestalt Therapists, non-Gestalt Therapists, students and persons in related fields. Open to all

Dues for an associate member are $85 per year.

Student/Trainee Members:

Dues for a student/trainee member are $35 per year.