A world-wide membership organization addressing the needs of the gestalt therapy community

We Are The Original Gestalt Therapy Institute, Established By Fritz And Laura Perls In 1952.

As we were then, so are we now: a teaching/learning community where we explore ever-evolving Gestalt theory as experienced in and expressed through the practice of therapy, group work and organizational development. Presentations mine the history of Gestalt theory and examine the larger intellectual context within which current theory is developing. Anyone with an interest in Gestalt ideas, applications and practices is invited to join our community and membership organization.

Our Presentation meetings are open, without charge, to anyone interested in attending and cover a range of contemporary topics. Please see the full schedule by clicking here.

In addition to our monthly Presentation Programs, there are three Business meetings through the year. We also sponsor special events and encourage participation in relevant conferences. We hope you will join us for any of these which draws your interest. For more information, please contact us.

We welcome you,
Adam Weitz
President, NYIGT

Next Presentation

January 17, 2018

Matthew Whaley

The Physiology Under the Psychology – Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt


Next Business Meeting

January 27, 2018

Business Meeting


In Memoriam

Karen Humphery
September 25, 1941 -- March 11, 2017

OBITUARY by Dan Bloom 1991 Interview with Karen
New York Gestalt
May 30, 2017

You, Me & Our Cellphones

AUTHOR: Adam J Weitz, LCSW

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