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These levels of membership only reflect those members to whom psychotherapy, training, and supervision referrals can be made These are our Full Members and Fellows.  Otherwise, we are all members with equal status. Click here for our Membership Bylaws.


“Student” membership is available to anyone who is interested in participating in the institute, learning more about Gestalt therapy and is relatively new to the study of it.

There are differing reasons why one might choose this category of membership. Essentially, we are all “students” in this institute since as we see it, Gestalt therapy is an on-going study. Yet some of us are at earlier points in their studies. However,  someone has financial needs, , we prefer that  more experienced professionals  join us at the “associate” level.”

Student Member annual dues are $35.


An “Sssociate” Member is any person who joins us by paying our annual dues and staying current in all such dues payments.

It is open to all persons interested in Gestalt therapy theory/practice This include experienced Gestalt therapists, non-Gestalt Therapists, students and persons in related fields. Anyone who would like to join us and to be part of our institute in any way is welcome”

Associate Member annual dues are $85.


A “Full” Member is an Associate Member who meets the following qualifications that are based upon the criteria set forth in the NYIGT Compendium and our bylaws.

This level is pen to all persons grounded in Gestalt therapy theory/practice and who have demonstrated to us their facility in the application of that theory/practice through their participation in our teaching/learning community. The process of becoming a Full Member is described in the by-laws of the institute. Full Members are eligible to receive referrals for psychotherapy, training and supercision.

Full Member annual dues are $150.


“Fellow” is Full Member who, by being senior, skilled, published, and demonstrably expert, is a repository of the institute’s traditions, history, and values. A Fellow is an exemplar within our community: a person who has been actively involved in pursuing our values as a teaching/learning community with an inclusive process of fluid hierarchies of knowledge, experience, and innovation and  a person who has passed-on his or her expertise in Gestalt therapy to others. The word “hierarchy” is to be understood as a notion reflecting the developing culture and norms of the group.

Dues for a Fellow Member are $150 per year.

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